Mt Kenya Climbing

Mt Kenya at 5199m high is the highest mountain in Kenya. It consists of three distinct zones; the volcanic peak zone, the alpine zone, and lower slopes, with their thick forest and bamboo vegetation. Mount Kenya, straddling the equator, it’s icy summit reaches to 5,199 m. The National Park consists of all areas above 3,200 m. The mountain actually consists of three distinct zones: the volcanic peak zone, with its endless glaciers and snowfields; the alpine zone, with its distinctive giant vegetation such as groundsels; and the lower slopes, with their thick forest and bamboo vegetation.

The Naro Moru route is from the western slopes of the mountain, beginning in the small town of Naro Moru on the A2 Muranga – Nanyuki road. This route is very steep.
Itinerary For Naro Moru Hike

The Chogoria route begins near the small town by the same name, 2 kms to the west of the B6 Embu – Meru road, about 150 kms north of Nairobi. From Chogoria town, you must travel 6 kms to the forest gate and from the forest gate, a further 23 kms to the Park gate. The thick forest on the route to the Park gate are home to antelope and elephants, making this approach to the Park interesting for game enthusiasts.
Itinerary For Chogoria Hike

Sirimon route begins near the small town of Timau on the A2 Nanyuki – Isiolo road north of the mountain. The road to the Park gate leaves the main road 1 km from the bridge over the Sirimon River. This is the least used access point to the park because of the rough and hilly terrain it must pass through.
Itinerary For Sirimon Route

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