Uganda Holidays

Uganda is a land of diverse attractions renowned as the source of the River Nile Africa’s longest River whose source inspired most of the early explorers to Africa. The greatest number of travelers to this East Africa country are drawn by the Mountain Gorillas for Uganda is home to one of the last outposts of these giant primates, half of whose endangered species have found a refuge in this East Africa country. Apart from gorillas other wildlife species that are found here include chimps, elephants, lions and cheetahs, leopards and jackals, hippos and crocodiles and a wide variety of African antelopes.

Other tours and safari adventures in this East Africa country including birding, white water rafting, Bungee Jumping, Beach Holidays around the Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest inland sea and Island hopping in Lake Victoria with accommodation in exclusive holiday resorts at the numerous beaches that spot the lake.

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